Truck Bed Liners: Types and Benefits

04 Mar

As a truck owner, you’ve probably asked yourself whether or not a truck bed liner would be a good thing to purchase. The answer is usually - if not always - yes. But just before you go out shopping for one, it’s good to know the different types of truck bed liners come in. 


Spray-on liners are literally that - liners that you spray onto your truck with an applicator provided by the manufacturer. This gives your truck bed a nice airtight seal, which means it will be spared from loose materials like dirt, water, salt, and the like. Spray-on liners work best for damage prevention as well, like corrosion, abrasion and the like.


The concept behind drop-in liners is as easy that for spray-ons. A drop-in liner is a plastic sheet that you “drop” on top of your truck bed before bolting it  into place. One thing with drop-in liners, however, is that loose materials can still find their way through the gaps, and the bolts are, of course, likely to come loose after some time. Their advantage though is that they’re cheaper than spray-on Taylor auto a/c liners.

Spray-on Versus Drop-In

Here’s the deal: spray-on bed liners are the best ones to get.

Spray-on Southgate truck bed liners are straight-out better than drop-in liners for a variety of reasons.

First off, their versatility is unmatched. After all, you just spray it on, and everything will be covered! You don’t have to think about sizes or making the liner fit. As long as you spray on the whole surface that you need protected, it will be protected. You save time as well as effort.

In addition, spray-on liners don’t dislodge or shift positions since they are stuck to the truck bed’s metal. There’s no way of moving them! Drop-in liners, on the other hand, are prone to cracking or ripping over time, allowing moisture to creep in and the metal to corrode unless treated immediately. Finally, spray-on liners are the cheapest in terms of maintenance when compared to other types of truck bed liners available these days. Just another thing responsible for their massive popularity. Spray-ons can be higher-priced when you talk about buying price, but in time, you will see that they are your least expensive option overall.


A carpet can be adhered to the truck bed’s metal portion, making a partly protective surface that will do well for moving sensitive stuff. Rubber may be used but it won’t be half as effective as those spray-on or hard plastic liners. Lastly, wood can also be an alternative, but you have to remember that it will rot after a while, so don’t think it will be as good as spray-on liners or hard plastic.

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